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How To: Clean Your Garage

(In 4 Steps)

How to Clean Your Garage (In 4 Steps)

June 22, 2016   |   Posted by Angelina Johnson

We all know that the garage is the best place to keep all of the stuff in our lives that doesn’t have a “place”.  Where do you put all of the Christmas decorations when the season is over?  The garage, of course!  What about all of the knick-knacks that you haven’t seen in the last decade?  The old yearbooks and photos?  The power tools that you use once every blue moon?  The garage!

But what happens when they are needed, and your garage looks like an overgrown forest of boxes?

You have to break down the thousands of cobwebs that have interlaced themselves across the boxes that now form the Eiffel Tower, or seem to fit together like dozens of Legos.  You have to maneuver boxes around the garage, only seeming to create a new pile of rubbish.


Why let your garage become a forest?  Why let the spiders come in for free rent and intrude your home?  First, garages are supposed to be where your vehicles live, and if you are going to store your possessions in your garage, why not organize your possessions in a way that is clean, neat, and easily accessible? Believe it or not, there are ways to bring method to this madness and order to this chaos.

4 Steps to a Clean Garage

Step 1: Grab a vacuum, a broom, and a mop...























...and say “Hasta la vista, baby!” to your uninvited guests (i.e. spiders, spider webs, etc) and all the dirt and dust gathering in every nook and cranny. Ha! I wish it was that easy.


I recently cleaned and organized my own garage, and a garage full of knick knacks can take a good portion of your morning and maybe into the afternoon to clean and organize. In order to start cleaning, you will obviously need to move around your boxes of belongings. The best way I've come across is to move all the boxes out onto the driveway, or do one section of the garage at a time, shifting boxes around to make space.


Once you have your area clear, plug in the vacuum and start sucking up all the spider webs,  loose dirt and debris! You may also want to have some bug spray handy (that might not be a brown leaf in the corner). After you’ve completed the initial vacuuming, it's time for the mopping!


As you begin mopping, keep in mind: if Cinderella can do it, so can you! Throw on some clothes you don’t care for (maybe one of those ugly Christmas sweaters hiding in one of the boxes) and start washing/scrubbing down your garage floor. Get a bucket of hot soapy water, some music that you can work with, and maybe a small crew of hard workers (i.e your children or close friends/family) and get it on! By mopping and scrubbing the garage floor with hot soapy water, you'll be able to remove years of layered on dirt and possibly oil spots and other liquid stains on the garage flooring. Do a thorough job. Once you're done, you'll be looking at a clean garage with pride.



Step 2: Invest in a good garage storage system or cost efficient shelving.


There are several awesome companies that make garage storage systems. They almost always come with cabinetry and the great thing about this option is that it hides all your belongings behind closed doors. It is an immediate night and day comparison that is worth the expense. Not only is everything hidden behind doors, but it greatly improves the look, feel and function of the garage. Garage shelving systems can also have the same effect on a smaller budget. There are many shelving systems that you can attach to your ceiling and mount higher up on the walls. The shelving will make it easier to find what you need, and also prevent your garage from becoming a mess - which will be the main goal once you've cleaned it up. The wall and ceiling mounted shelves also allow your vehicles enough space to park inside. And hey, if you want to get creative and save money, you could even build your own shelving system!


Once you have your garage storage/shelving system in place, it's time to re-organize all your boxes into the shelving. Sometimes it may be beneficial to designate one shelf for similar items - Christmas decor with "Christmas decor", tools with "tools", etc. You can even tag your shelves with stick on labels so you can find exactly what you want when you want it. Take time to organize your garage, as this will hopefully be your last time doing a thorough cleaning and organization.


Once you've re-organized all your belongings and cleaned your garage, you're not done yet!



Step 3:  Clean that garage door!


You’ve spent all of this time making sure that the cake looked good, but you forgot to primp up the icing! Cleaning the garage door can be done very similarly to the cleaning of the garage. You’re initially going to want to clean off all cobwebs and excess dust using any of the methods mentioned before.  After that, grab a hose, your bucket and sponges and head for the garage door.  To begin cleaning the outside, you’re going to want to first spray down the door with the hose. Then take a few sponges and scrub with the hot soapy water to get all the stuck dirt and grime - especially in between the creases and seams of the garage door.  After you’re done with this process you can go ahead and spray it down again with the hose and let it air dry. (I mean if you’re really anxious I suppose you could use a hair dryer…) Next you repeat the same process on the inside of the garage door. When you are ready to wash down the inside of the door, you may want to use a light mist setting on the hose nozzle, or use a wet/damp cloth. Afterwards you may want to clean out the tracks of dirt and dust. But if you don’t apply garage door lubricant, you’re just asking for trouble!



Step 4: There’s no need to fear, the lube is ready and here!


What will the lube do? Well, let me go ahead and tell you! The rollers for your garage door opener need to be able to move freely to allow your garage door to travel along the tracks smoothly.  While cleaning, you may have used a soap or detergent.  These detergents, while very helpful for cleaning up the dirt and debris, may contain harsh chemicals that could strip away the lubrication.  The lubricant will help loosen the rollers, hinges, and other moving parts!  You have to be careful and read the instructions on the lubricant, however, because certain lubricants cannot be used on the track, only on the other moving parts.


To conclude, cleaning your garage is very important to be able to make sure that you can reach your possessions (including vehicles) if necessary and you don’t have unwelcome guests!  Cleaning your garage door is also very important to both make it look better and to function better! Lastly, while cleaning your garage door is a must, it could potentially hurt the moving parts, but you can protect them with some handy garage door lubricant!


I hope you enjoyed this blog and have learned how to thoroughly clean your garage!


But wait! There’s more!



Extra tips to create the ultimate remodel for your garage:


Epoxy Garage Flooring. This speckled addition could be perfect for your garage to give it that unique flavor! It has it’s own cool design so that your floor isn’t one dull color in addition to being non-slip.


New Garage Door opener. If your garage has been making that dear, beloved, squeaky noise, and you’ve gone through countless bottles of lube just to wind up still having to listen to it, the problem may be that you need a new garage door opener.  This will improve both the noise and efficiency of your garage door, and may directly improve your mood in general! (:


Brand new garage door! You may have moved into a house where the previous owners had absolutely no taste.  Or when teaching your teenager to drive, they may have put a little UMPH in the ignition and wound up leaving a permanent “mark” in your garage door. Regardless of the reason, the best way to really spice up your house is a custom garage door to really make your house shine!

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