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Modern Steel Garage Doors: Not Your Typical Tract Home Steel Garage

June 23, 2016   |   Posted by Angelina Johnson

Are you tired of looking like your home is coming straight out of the Flintstones? In desperate need of a house remodel or a drastic improvement in curb appeal? The modern steel garage door is the perfect way to update your home, improve curb appeal, and do it all on a budget.


“Why modern steel?”  The new modern steel garage doors can help you go from standard to stylish but not put a large dent in your wallet. For most people, the one feature that really pops out when you pass a house is the garage door.  If you want people to be able to look at your house and really notice it, the best way is to have a really cool, sophisticated garage door, that reflects the style and design of the times.  And, if you are going for a classy look, there are modern steel garage doors that can fill that criteria as well. In fact, modern steel garage doors have become the most popular style of garage doors in recent years.


For the last few years, more and more homeowners in metropolitans like San Francisco, Los Angeles, and New York City, are updating their properties to reflect the changing time and style of this millennium. These regions are considered the design and trend-setters for many industries. Home improvement, home design and architecture are no exception. Here are a few reasons to consider:


Design & Style: Modern steel garage doors have a traditional steel construction, but now offer a wide range of color options, dozens of window configurations, and several modern door designs that will serve as your canvas. They are sleek and have a minimalist approach to their design. The aesthetic design bodes well for homes built in the early 20th century, as well as newer tract homes built today. Take a look at a few here:


Cost & Value: Typical costs for modern steel garage doors tend to be much more affordable than a fully custom aluminum, glass, or wood garage door; however, it does not lack in design nor style compared to these other pricier options.


Another added benefit to modern steel garage doors is that they are fully insulated. Insulated doors help to reduce the transfer of heat or cold air. Because of this benefit, your garage will not be as hot in the summers, or as cold in the winters. The R-Value (the thermal resistance to heat) of modern steel doors can be as high as an R-Value of 9 or more. The higher the number, the better insulated the door is. At an R-Value of 9, the garage door will reduce the heat flow by up to 91%.


● Less Maintenance Compared To Custom/Wood: At it’s core, modern steel garage doors are in fact traditional steel doors. The design and styling options make it modern, but it is still built with longevity and low maintenance in mind. You can take the same preventative maintenance you’ve done on your current steel garage door and continue to follow it with a new modern steel garage door. If you have an old one-piece wood tilt up garage door, steel garage doors are a godsend!


● Production & Installation: Because modern steel garage doors are built in the same manufacturing plants as typical traditional steel doors, production time, availability and installation times are about the same. This means that when compared to custom wood doors, you can potentially save a few weeks of anticipation! Many times, independent garage door companies will even stock up on modern steel doors, so you may be able to get the door installed the same day. See if we have your door in stock!


However, while modern steel garage doors are awesome, they do have obvious cons.  For example, steel garage doors, in general, are more prone to dents than wooden garage doors.  The doors are built solid, but a 2000 pound automobile does pack a little force with it. There are dozens of color options and window configurations to choose from, but they are also mass produced with standard as-built dimensions, which means they cannot be as custom as wood garage doors can be.  You cannot place a window wherever you desire, or have custom paneling and hardware. Despite it’s limited drawbacks, modern steel garage doors have worked their way into the hearts of many homeowners, making it the most popular garage door style in the market today.  But why wouldn’t they be?  The steel garage door is exactly the way to give your house that perfectly modern look!


But don’t take my word for it, see for yourself!


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